Why Choose a Round Kitchen Table and Chairs

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The project to refinish kitchen cabinets is done. Now, you move on to add a kitchen table and chairs for dining. A dining table is very important in a dining area. It sets the mood, be it family meals or friendly gatherings. This is why choosing the proper dining table is crucial.

There are two most common options available: Square and round dining tables. Which one should you choose? You are still unsure which to choose. Well, let us help you. Here, we have the reasons why you should choose round dining tables.

It Is Great for Smaller Spaces

Unlike rectangular dining tables, round dining tables have smaller footprints even if they have the same size. This is because there is no corner that waste space. Round dining tables use space efficiently, making it a great option for small spaces.

With round dining tables, you can fit more people around in case you have additional guests. This will be more difficult to do with rectangular dining tables. Also, due to its shape, everyone will sit at a slight angle to the fellow diners next to them. This makes the table feel less crowded since everyone is not lined up shoulder to shoulder.

It Creates Flow

Yes, round dining tables create flow in the kitchen. They allow easy movement around them. Round dining tables also suit both an open plan, where there will be higher traffic around the table, and a formal dining room.

Creating flow is important. You and your fellow diners will not only need the space to sit at the table but also placing meals, beverages, games and moving and finding the seat where you and your fellow diners want to sit at. These things will be difficult for rectangular dining tables, but not with round dining tables.

Many homeowners worry that round dining tables will get lost in the space. Adding a rug under the table to define the kitchen will solve this problem.

It Allows Better Interaction

Not only it creates flow, round dining tables also allow better interaction. With rectangular dining tables, it is uncomfortable to converse with fellow diners down the row who sit on the same side as you. This is not the case with round dining tables. With round dining tables, everyone will be able to see and chat clearly with their fellow diners, thanks to the table’s shape. Not to mention it also creates a feeling of openness, which encourage conversation even further.

Also worth mentioning, a round dining table will make sharing a meal easier. You and your fellow diners will less likely to miss out favorite share dish. No one will spend the time passing platters left and right, either as the shared dish will be easily reached by everyone. So, yeah, less time to pass the dish, more time to eat and converse.

Awesome, isn’t it? There are lots of round kitchen tables to choose from, even if you have a limited budget for it. There are many cheap round kitchen table and chairs. You will be able to find the ideal table and chairs set for your kitchen easily.

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