Tips to Make Your Kitchen Lighting Better

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A kitchen lighting is an important part of a kitchen’s overall décor. However, in most cases, it is the last thing to be considered by homeowners. Since you read this article, we believe you think that lighting is important. And yes, we are here to give you some lighting tips to make your kitchen looks even better. First, let’s see why a proper lighting is important.

Why Is It Important?

A proper lighting scheme will turn even the most ordinary kitchen into an appealing and amazing kitchen. Moreover, today’s kitchen functions not only as where you prepare food but also as space where you are relaxing, socializing and entertaining your guest. You’d want an appealing kitchen for these purposes.

Do you have décor mistakes? A proper lighting can hide many décor mistakes. Or perhaps you have a small kitchen? A proper lighting will “fix” that too. It will make your kitchen appear larger than it is. A poor natural light can be compensated with a proper lighting, too. A proper lighting will make a great kitchen. These are why lighting is important.


Below are our tips that will help make your lighting better.

  • A Proper Lighting Complements

That’s correct. Use a lighting scheme that complements your kitchen’s overall theme. Let’s say your kitchen has Italian décor. Italian kitchen light typically reflects an airy bright design. Often times many amounts of natural light is involved. Indeed, you will need to allow lots of natural light to enter your kitchen to get the Italian look.

However, if this is not possible for you to do, you can use lighting such as hanging or pendant lights to get ambient/accent light to compensate. A proper lighting complements the overall theme of the kitchen.

  • Tasks

If you want to have a good looking lighting, think about the task. Meaning, you need to carefully place the lighting depending on what the task you will do. For instance, you need to place a proper lighting above where you will prepare vegetables or reading recipes. The best position to place the lighting here is between your head and the work surface. In most cases, space will be under kitchen cabinets. Using strip lights will be great in this situation.

  • The Importance of Natural Light

Natural light is also important. As we have mentioned earlier, natural light can be a deciding factor in a kitchen’s look (a kitchen with Italian décor, for example). If you want to allow as much natural light as you can, consider using French door and windows or skylight.

  • Use a Layered Look

Multiple light sources will be required if you want to provide your kitchen with necessary light for function and aesthetical purposes. A kitchen with proper lighting will have 4 types of light.

  1. Task Lighting

The first type is task lighting. This lighting purpose is to help you do your tasks, be it reading recipes, chopping vegetables or preparing ingredients.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Next, ambient lighting. This lighting provides a warm glow, softens shadows and gives a welcoming vibe for the guests.

  1. Accent Lighting

Third, accent lighting. This lighting creates dimension and depth to the kitchen.

  1. Decorative Lighting

Finally, decorative lighting. This lighting is used to add sparkle to the kitchen.

These are our tips that will help make your lighting better. We hope this helps.

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