Some Ideas for Italian Kitchen Wall Decor

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Do you decorate your kitchen in Italian kitchen style? If you do, our article here will certainly help you achieve the Italian look you are looking for. Here, we will talk about one component of the décor. Namely, wall décor. Let’s see what kind of addition you can add to your kitchen, shall we?

What is the proper Italian kitchen wall color? One of the characteristics of Italian kitchen design is its color. The colors used in Italian kitchen are vibrant colors and natural hues. Both of these colors give a warm, welcoming and lively vibe to the kitchen. Most commonly used colors include brilliant blues, gentle yellows, and burnt orange. Purple is sometimes used too, depicting lavender which is common in Italy.

Wall Art
If you want to make your kitchen look more Italian, try to add Italian kitchen wall art. For example, you can use canvas art with an image of Italian gardens or villa. There are many options to choose from here. You just need the canvas art to express yourself and accentuate the theme of your kitchen.

Tiles of Mural
Another good idea is to add Italian kitchen wall tiles of a mural. Again, there are a lot of options here. To complement the room, add tiles of sunflower fields, wine, windows, arches, trees or olives mural. Beautiful tiles of a mural will certainly become a beautiful statement to your kitchen.

Wall Lettering
Putting wall lettering on to your kitchen walls is also a good idea. You can freely express yourself here. Use your favorite quote(s), font, color, and size and put them on your kitchen wall. Below are some examples of the commonly used quotes:
• Celebri la famiglia, celebrigli amici, celebri la vita, which means “celebrate family, celebrate friends, celebrate life”
• Entri come amici, vada Come famiglia, which means “enters as friends, leave like family”
• Mangiandoinsieme, godiamo la vita, which means “by eating, we enjoy life”
• Vive bene, spessal’amore, di risata molto, which means “live well, love much, laugh often”

Wall Wine Racks
Do you love wine? If you do you may want to add wall wine racks onto your kitchen wall. A wine rack attached to your wall will certainly be a good addition to the kitchen’s style. If you are interested, some of the wine racks are made of ornate iron with a patina finish. Some others have cradles which can store 10 to 18 wine bottles.

Wall Clocks
Clocks can serve a dual purpose here: first as a reminder of time and second, as a decorative statement. If you want both of these, find Italian wall clocks. You can use clocks with Italian words written on them or clocks with an old design.

Blackboard does not necessarily accentuate the style of the room. That said, you can use a blackboard as a reminder for your day or as a display of today’s menu

As you can see, there are many options you can choose from to decorate your kitchen wall. Which one of them do you like? Perhaps you like more than one and want to apply them? Italian kitchen design doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, many offer a simple yet elegant look.

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