Should You Choose Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets?

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Do you want to remodel your kitchen cabinets? Many people think there are only two options here. Either they buy a stock or custom cabinet. Truth is, there is a middle way. Namely, buying unfinished kitchen cabinets. Let’s see the two reasons why you should choose unfinished cabinets.

First and foremost, customization. You will neither be restrained by stock cabinets design nor paying more for a custom design cabinets. You can pretty much customize your unfinished kitchen cabinet doors and other parts.
• Color Scheme
Style choice, coloration, the shade of stain and glaze or finish, will be all up to you, unlike stock cabinets. Let’s say you want to go light. In this case, you can finish the cabinets using a light maple or clear lacquer stain. If you want to go dark, a dark paint or walnut stain will do the job.
• Material
Just as color scheme, you can choose which material the cabinets are made of. This will be all up to you. Since each wood has different properties, you need to consider what kind of properties you want in your cabinets. For example, a wood’s ability to absorb stain will be different from one another. The original color of the wood, as well as its hardness, determine what will be the final color after staining.
To help you decide what kind of wood you want, remember this: it is harder to lighten than darken a wood. If you are unsure, you can also apply different stains to samples of unfinished wood. This will give you a better idea of which one of the woods you want to choose.

It’s Cheaper
The second reason why you should choose unfinished cabinets is that it is cheaper. You can save money by buying unfinished cabinets. Since they are unfinished, they will be cheaper to buy. You can save more money if you decide to install it yourself. If this is what you want, your best option will be to buy ready-to-assemble cabinet which will be easy to install.
Still, want to save more money? There is another way. If you decide to paint, stain or glaze your unfinished cabinets, choose cheaper types of wood. Let’s say you want cabinets which have cherry or mahogany look. You don’t have to buy cabinets from these materials. Instead, opt for lighter shade wood (for example beech or oak) and stain them. Just keep in mind not to compromise the construction’s quality and hardware used.

Is It Easy to Find?
Yes, it is. Unfinished cabinets are easy to find. There are many retailers out there, online or otherwise. You can easily browse through IKEA unfinished kitchen cabinets catalog, for example. Since there are many kinds of these cabinets in terms of color and material used, you will easily find one that fits you the best.
What do you think? Interested in buying Home Depot unfinished kitchen cabinets? Perhaps IKEA’s? As you can see, buying unfinished cabinets give you the best of two worlds. You get custom-colored, high-end looking cabinets while only paying for a fraction of the cost.

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