Refinish Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Want to refinish kitchen cabinets white? Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good way to improve the look of not only your cabinets but the kitchen as a whole as well. Moreover, if done properly, it can be a great choice economically speaking.

In this article, we will talk about things you need to consider in refinishing, the cost and kitchen cabinets installation. Let’s start.

Things to Consider

So, what are things you need to consider for this refinishing project? There are three: lacquer, materials and door hinges. Let’s start with lacquer first.

  • Lacquer

If you want to give the best look for your kitchen cabinets’, lacquer is your best option. But, the application can be troublesome. After all, lacquer gives off unpleasant fumes when applied which can last for a day or more. Your best option here is to hire professionals to do the job.

  • Materials

In some cases, some materials may not be stainable. After all, cabinetmakers tend to not use stain-grade wood. If your kitchen cabinets are made of materials that can’t be stained, consider changing them.

  • Door Hinges

Door hinges are a problem area. It is difficult to refinish. It will not be a problem if you want a solid color to refinish. If you are not, however, this becomes a problem. The solution is to change it with modern hidden hinges.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Cost

How much is the cost of refinishing? The cost to refinish 250 square foot kitchen cabinets ranges from $693.52 to $1,090.60. Converted to per square feet, the cost can be as low as $2.77 and as high as $4.36 per square foot. This is only average estimates. The total cost of your refinishing project can be lower or higher. If you want a more accurate estimate, consider contacting professionals to get a better assessment.

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

  • First thing first, measure the base cabinets’ height. The majority of standard cabinets’ height is around 34 1/2 inches. To make sure that the installation goes smoothly, add 1 1/2 inches (for a standard countertop) and 20 inches (for a standard backsplash). Measure the distance between the floor and the bottom of the upper cabinets. The number should be around 54 inches. Mark this spot and draw a horizontal line across. This will be a marker where you hang the cabinets.
  • Second, locate the wall studs. These studs are used to support the weight of the cabinets.
  • Third, attach, secure and screw a ledger board in the marked studs. This board will be used as a temporary support for the cabinets.
  • Fourth, lift and install one or two cabinets on the board. Fix the cabinets’ stiles together with clamps.
  • Fifth, using screws, predrill and secure these cabinets together at the cabinets’ stile. Put a screw on the bottom and top part in the back and front where the cabinets touch.
  • Sixth, lift these cabinets and put them on the board. Wedge the cabinets if needed.
  • Finally, secure the cabinets. Repeat the steps above for the remaining cabinets. Attach the cabinets’ door and other hardware. After installation is done, remove the ledger board.

So, are you ready for the refinishing project? In case you want to do it in DIY-way, be sure to get a good refinish kitchen cabinets kit.

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