Minimalist Kitchen Cabinets

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A minimalist kitchen has its own appeal. It offers you functionality, cleanliness, and sophistication, all of which are appreciated by every homeowner. A minimalist design need not be standalone. As a matter of fact, it can also be used to complement your current style. After all, this style emphasizes on a creative, forward-thinking while at the same time gives a nod to contemporary and historic design elements.

Here in this article, we will talk about cabinets in a minimalist kichen. Particularly, on their color, design, and functionality. Let’s start with color and design.

Color and Design
In terms of color and design, minimalist kitchens often use neutral color scheme complemented by modest-looking accessories and other fittings. A complication is what minimalist kitchens avoid. Here, you need to make things simple. Mind you that even if a minimalist kitchen is simple, it doesn’t mean it is boring. On the contrary, a minimalist kitchen can be as beautiful as other styles.

What is kitchen cabinets color in a minimalist kitchen, then? Glossy white. This is the most common option. However, there is also another alternative. You can go for a streamlined quality wood cabinet, for example, but still, have a minimalist style kitchen. Wood cabinets are known for their durability and versatility, which make it a favorite option for many homeowners.

Functionality is one of the cores of minimalism. To have a minimalist kitchen, you need not change each and every part of your kitchen. Instead, you need to maximize the functionality of what you have and eliminate those which do not have the functionality you need.

In this case, your cabinets. Make sure that the cabinets you have can store things you need. If not, either get a larger one or discard items you rarely use. Having cabinets which allow you to see your groceries certainly helps.
What about the Kitchen Island?

The island is an important part. For the island, white will be the ideal color. Especially, if the cabinets and walls are both white. This combination, while looking very simple, gives a chic look. Add this with wooden floors and you get an inviting kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Plans
What about the plans? Well, for a minimalist kitchen, open plan surrounds. By this, we mean that you need to get rid of things that don’t give you value whatsoever. For instance, void furniture which serves no purpose at all to your space. Or, knocking down a non-load bearing wall so you can extend your kitchen’s vibe to other rooms.

Observe your kitchen and think. Can you maximize them? Can you make them so your kitchen’s vibe can get to another room? Be creative and play around with the space you have. After all, minimalism involves organization of your things. It helps you maximize the utility of the items you have while minimizing the number of things you don’t really need.

So, are you ready to put kitchen cabinets minimalist in your kitchen? Remember, minimalism is more than just kitchen design. It is a frame of mind. It is about keeping the things you need and discarding what you don’t. A minimalist kitchen will certainly help you achieve this.

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