Interested in Italian Kitchen Decor? Here Are Some Things You Can Try

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Italian kitchen is well-known for its simplicity, beauty, and elegance. This is not surprising. For Italians, a kitchen is a place where they socialize with their guests. This is the place where they enjoy delicate foods together. Having a place with simple yet beautiful and elegant place will surely make the time spent even better.
Do you have an Italian-inspired kitchen? What kind of Italian kitchen décor item should you add? If you want to give your kitchen an Italian vibe or just want to add some small additions, read on. Here in this article, we have things you can try to make your kitchen look even better.

Wooden Block Kitchen Island
To give more Italian vibe to your kitchen, you can add a wooden block kitchen island. Find one that looks old, has center drawer and storage shelf. This will not only accentuate the Italian theme of the room but also give you more functionality as well since you will have more prepping area and storage.

Baker’s Rack
Do you want extra storage while also displaying your glassware and dinnerware? If you do, a baker’s rack is your best option. It offers you quick access to the items you frequently use. There are also some racks that come with a wine rack, a lower cabinet for even more storage as well as two pull-out drawers.

Also great additions to the décor, sideboards provide a safe place to store utensils, delicate dishes and glasses. To better compliment the theme of the kitchen, you can choose sideboards with distressed wood, solid wood with hand-carved detail or exotic wood inlays.

Wall Décor
Art is an important part of an Italian kitchen. For Italian kitchen wall décor, you have two options: canvas or wall art plaque and mural. The key here is to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. So, whatever wall décor you opt for make sure it is able to evoke those feelings.

• Canvas or Wall Art Plaque
You can add images of Italian gardens, villa or countryside to accentuate the Italian vibe of your kitchen. Here, you will find that there are many lovely pieces art you are able to choose from.

• Mural
If canvas or wall art plaque does not meet your taste or you want to add more décor to your kitchen, consider adding mural. For many Italian-inspired kitchens, a mural is a great addition. The usual images used for the mural include the panorama of the Italian countryside, the hills of Tuscany, vines, grapes and architectural elements like doors, windows, and columns.

Cookbook Shelf
This is a good way to show off your collection of cookbooks. Better yet, add some Italian kitchen menu inside. While it is a cookbook shelf, you don’t have to use it to store cookbooks. For instance, you can use this shelf to store your spices, your favorite wine or even decorative accessories.
Those are things you can try for your Italian-inspired kitchen. Which one will be the first thing you try? Well, whatever your choice is, we hope your Italian kitchen decorating themes will look fabulous when you are done decorating it. Good luck!

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