How To Get Italian Chef Kitchen Decor?

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Do you want to upgrade your kitchen theme? Maybe, an Italian chef kitchen decor will be a great idea to change the theme of your kitchen appearance with a professional Italian chef style. You can do many things to have such Italian styled chef kitchen including the character of Italian chef made of ceramic which has been using in many kitchen tableware, serveware, utensil, and other decorations.

Fat Italian Chef Decor for Kitchen

Most of the kitchen decorations that adapt Italian style usually have the character of fat Italian chef that is made from ceramic. You can put this small character on tableware and another countertop in order to obtain the Italian chef kitchen nuance. Why is called as fat Italian chef décor? The answer is because the chef character is really fat with a big face and mounted abs. His smiling face makes you become more spirited to cook more foods. So, you may buy some characters of Italian chefs in the form of small dolls. The chef wears a white hat and white dress with a small mustache.

Other Items for Italian Kitchen Style

Italian themed kitchen is a good idea if you want to upgrade the nuance of your old kitchen. However, you really need some items to complete the theme according to your wishes. Instead of a fat Italian chef with black pants, white hat, red scarf, and shoes, you may also need some items to complete the decors such as clocks, bread boxes, canister sets, salt and pepper shakers, spoon rests, utensil holders, mirrors, pitchers, soap dispenser, paper towel holders, tortilla warmers, wine bottle holders, cookie jars, and wall décor. In this case, you actually need to complete your kitchen with some kitchen appliances and items related to Italian chef ideas. Where to find the inspiration? Nowadays, you only need to browse the internet to find some inspirations about Italian styled kitchen which you can actually apply easily.

The Italian Kitchen Wall and Floor

Somehow, you are not only completing the items for cooking, but you apparently need to find the concept for the wall décor and floor décor according to the Italian chef style. Simply, when you want to apply Italian chef kitchen wall decor, you can build a small rack where you can put some accessories related to Italian chef on the rack. You can hang the rack or wall mounted shelf to put some items such as the photo of an Italian chef, a small doll of an Italian chef, Italian styled watch, Italian styled jar, and much more. Meanwhile, you can use Italian chef kitchen rugs to decorate the floor. The rug usually has the picture of Italian chefs in white costume while holding some kitchen appliances. You do not need to use a large rug because the small one still looks good.

Anyway, that’s all about the kitchen that has Italian chef concept. Though you cannot cook some Italian foods, at least you can make your kitchen look good with a professional Italian chef decoration.

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