DIY Project: How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

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Is installing kitchen cabinets your next DIY project? Many kitchen cabinets dealers offer installation. But, not every homeowner accepts that offer. Many of them prefer the DIY way. After all, installing kitchen cabinets doesn’t always need a professional to do the job. It will be relatively cheaper as well.

If you are one of the homeowners who prefer the DIY way, you came to the right place. Here in this article, we will tell you how to install kitchen cabinets on wall. Let’s see how to do it, shall we?

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Before we start, we need to mention this first: In kitchen cabinets installation, it is a lot easier if you install the upper cabinets first. Done this way, the base cabinets will not hinder you when you need to lift and fasten the cabinets.

How to Install Upper Cabinets

  • First, you need to draw a parallel line across the wall. Use a pencil and a level to draw this line 3 inches above the floor. Next, find the high point of the floor (if there is any) by measuring down from the line to the floor. Mark this point. From this point, measure 34 1/2 inches up and draw a level line across the wall. This will be used to determine the base cabinets’ top.
  • Second, look at the 34 1/2 inch line. Measure upward from it, about 19 1/2 inches. From here, draw a horizontal line. This is to indicate the upper cabinets’ bottom. Then, you can do layout double-check.
  • Third, locate the wall studs. When you find a stud, mark the locations above it. From this mark, measure down to at least 6 inches. From here, draw vertical lines between the bottom and top marks. This will is the studs’ center.
  • Fourth, attach 1 by 3 support rail to the wall. Align the rail’s top edge with the line for the cabinet’s bottom edge.
  • Fifth, install and secure the adjacent cabinets. When you are done attaching all of the cabinets, use clamps to secure it to its each other and don’t forget to check it for plumb. And you are done installing the upper cabinets.

How to Install Base Cabinets

  • First, level and shim the corner base cabinet. You can use shims to level and raise the cabinets up to the floor’s high point if needed. Make sure that the cabinets are level from side to side and from front to back. Then, screw them to the wall studs.
  • Second, align the remaining cabinets the same way you did with the first base cabinet. Use shims under and behind the cabinets, if needed. Do this so the cabinets are adjusted for level and plumb. Clamp the face frames together and fasten the face frames permanently using screws. If you want doors and drawers clearance, add a filler strip.
  • Finally, screws the base cabinets to the studs. If you find any excess materials from the shims, just trim them. Do the process again for the remaining cabinets. And most importantly, line up the base cabinets with the upper cabinets.

These are how a kitchen cabinets installation is done. If you want to make the job done quicker, ask help from your friend.

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